Glass House Mountains Climbs

For the purposes of this page about Glass House Mountains Climbs, when I say a "climb" I am talking about rock climbing or mountain climbing.

Not the type of "climbing" that the papers talk about when you read the headline

"Ban Climbing The Glass House Mountains"

because someone has had to be rescued by helicopter or the local SES had to use their mountain rescue skills yet again.

If it is walks (with a bit of soft core climbing/scrambling) you are after then head on over to my walks page.

Mount Tibrogargin

(pictured right) has been a popular climbing spot for years.

While not the highest of the Glass House Mountains, it has a wide and varied range of climbs of different styles.

With names like Slider, Half Way House and Summit Cave that I am sure are familiar to many Queensland rock climbers.

Mount Tibrogargan
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This great climbing video is from Queensland Tourism about John Obrien, a Sunshine Coast climber.

Mount Ngungun

pictured left, has also been one of the very popular Glass House Mountains climbs.

Especially good for beginners and very accessible, Mt Ngungun is also popular for teaching beginner abseiling.

Some of the climbs are Andromeda, Babylon and The Sentinals.

Mount Ngungun
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This is a short video of 2 fellas abseiling down Mount Ngungun and then climbing back to the summit.

Mount Beerwah

pictured right, is the biggest and tallest of the mountains.

It was also a very popular climbing area but unfortunately it is


and big fines apply if you are caught.

Beerwah has been closed since January 2011 due to a massive rock slide.

National Parks Dept. review it regularly, so hopefully it will be opened to legally climb it in the not to distant future.

Mount Beerwah
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This video of climbing Mount Beerwah was taken before the big rockfall and closure of the track.

Mount Coonowrin

is very impressive to see from Old Gympie Road and pre 1999 was a popular climbing spot.

It is currently


and big fines apply if you are caught.

It is very unstable and there are many reports of rocks falling, consider yourself warned.

Hopefully it will be re-opened to at least limited climbing in the future.

Mount Coonowrin
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I Don't Know Much About Rock Climbing!

Now the first thing you should know before you continue to read this page is that I wouldn't know a Piton from a Trad.

So don't come here looking for rock climbing advice (from me anyway) or you will most likely be very dissapointed.

The Local Expert

Lee Cujes has written a lot about the many climbing opportunities for Glass House Mountains Climbs.

He also has a lot of very useful climbing information.

Read about it here.....

But I Do Know The Glass House Mountains

If you are wanting to do some soft climbs, where you don't need any climbing gear but are walking or scrambling up some steep walks.

The place for you is my Walks Page.

I will be putting more Glass House Mountains Climbs information on this page as I get it.

To keep up to date on all my additions and changes to climbing and other stuff on this site, click on the RSS button (in the top left column) to have it delivered straight to your e reader without even giving me your email address.

Here's Your Chance To Help Other Climbers

If you would like to help other climbers by contributing your Queensland or Glass House Mountains climbing stories, click here to write your own page including up to 4 photos if you want.

It's very easy, why not give it a go.

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