Glass House Mountains Parks

We are lucky enough to have a great selection of Glass House Mountains parks. People even come in from the coast for a couple of our wonderful kids playgrounds.

On this page you will find a brief description of each of the parks, the facilities you will find there and a rating we have given it as a family.

For a much more detailed description and reviews of the parks and playgrounds in this area, please click on the heading which will link you to another page on my site.

Skippy Park

The "BEST" Glass House Mountains Park?

Address : Old Landsborough Road.


  • Criterium bike track - 2.2km long
  • Large climbing "spider web"
  • Double flying fox
  • New clean toilet block
  • Kids playground with climbing tree, swings etc
  • BBQ's and Shelters
  • Huge open area - used for little athletics
  • Field lighting

Family Rating 8 / 10

It rates high because of the great bike path there and the variety of play for the kids but the lack of shade lets it down a bit.

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Pioneer Park


Address : Corner Steve Irwin Way and Caloundra Street, Landsborough


  • "All abilities" playground
  • BBQ's and Shelters
  • Clean modern toilets
  • Large shelter - perfect for parties
  • Herb garden
  • Water / sand play area
  • Large enough area to kick a ball or play cricket

Family Rating 8.5 / 10

Rates high for its great design and range of activities for the kids, the herb gardens, water play and our kids and friends have had some great birthday parties there.

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Maddock Park

Ewen Maddock Dam, Mooloolah

Address : 221 Mooloolah Connection Road, Mooloolah


  • Toilets - clean and modern
  • BBQ's and Shelters
  • Area for safely unloading horses and storing horse float
  • Lots of tracks for horse riding / mountain biking / walking
  • Swimming "beach"
  • Kids playground - nothing special but OK
  • Good place to launch a canoe
  • Plenty of parking available
  • Boardwalk over the water with very nice views of the lake
  • Good access for fishing
Maddock Park Playground
Maddock Park Boardwalk

Family Rating 8.5 / 10

Rates high because it is one of our favourite local swimming holes and the playground, walking tracks and BBQ's are a bonus.

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Mary Cairncross Park - Maleny

Address : 148 Mountain View Road, Maleny.


  • Toilets - clean and modern
  • BBQ's and Shelters
  • Big open area for kicking a ball or cricket
  • Rainforest walk with wheelchair access
  • Plenty of shade
  • Kids playground - suited to younger kids
  • Cafe with nice food and coffee
  • Beautiful Views of the Glass House Mountains

Family Rating 8 / 10

It rates pretty high with the kids and adults because of the icecream and coffee. And those fantastic views.

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Peace Memorial Park


Address : 53 Maleny Street, Landsborough


  • Small kids playground
  • Sports field with cricket pitch
  • Two small shelters and a BBQ
  • Older public toilet located near tennis courts (note tennis court hire through IGA supermarket)

Family Rating 6 / 10

This park has an OK kids playground and great oval with cricket pitch.

A lot of people take their well behaved dogs there to fetch the ball and we have had our miniature horses there for a birthday party (but not on the oval - promise)

Family Rating 6 / 10

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Mill Park


Address : 111 Simpson Street, Beerwah


  • Small bike path for little kids
  • Good undercover playground with good range of equipment
  • New toilet block is being built, but until it is finished you still have to walk the 260m past the Co-op to the older public toilet - Update ... the new toilet block is opened
  • Plenty of shady spots
  • Next door is a dog off leash area with dog exercise equipment.

Family Rating 7 / 10

Great little park with a small bike path for the smaller kids. A magpie attack the other year put the kids off this park for a while.

Turner Park


Address : Turner Street, Beerwah


  • Kids Playground
  • Picnic Shelters
  • BBQ's
  • Large grassed area
  • Just next door to Beerwah Library and Hall
  • Modern clean toilet
Turner Park Playground

Family Rating 6 / 10

Nice big park in the middle of Beerwah, right next to the Library. Equipment is a bit dated but a pretty good all round park, the kids don't get too excited by it though.

Parrot Park


Address : Beerburrum Road, Beerburrum


  • Old small toilet block
  • Information signs about the soldier settlement scheme and local mountain information
  • Kids playground
  • picnic shelter
  • close to shops and school

Parrot Park Playground
Soldier Settlement sign

Family Rating 6 / 10

This park is OK but it could do with some shelter over the playground and a bit of a makeover as it is a bit run down. Still a good place to stop to break the drive.

Settlers Rotary Park

Glass House Mountains

Address : 2 Burgess Street, Glass House Mountains


  • Great playground which feature mini Glass House Mountains for the kids to climb
  • Completely fenced, which is good as it is near the busy Steve Irwin Way and main street
  • Close to shops, cafe's, supermarket etc.
  • Right next door to Tourist Info Centre
Settlers Park Playground
Info Centre next door to Settlers Park

Family Rating 8.5 / 10

Kids said this was their favourite at the moment because they got to climb the mountains.

Martin Rungert Park


Address : Corner or Bray and Neill Roads, Mooloolah


  • Fenced off Pre-Schoolers playground with an insect/beetle/spider theme and train
  • Big kids play area with swings, monkey bars and climbing gym
  • Close to shops and railway station
  • BBQ and picnic shelter

Family Rating 8 / 10

It gets a high rating mainly because of the big shade trees and our kids have had fun with a lot of their friends at this park over the years.

They enjoy the range of equipment on offer.

Settlement Park


Address : About 2740 Old Gympie Road, Beerwah


  • Small roadside park with a small amount of play equipment for younger local kids.
  • Large open field for running around.
  • Large trees that look like they would be great for the older kids to climb in.
  • 1 Shelter with picnic table

Family Rating : Not Rated Yet

We haven't taken the kids there yet but I told them about the good climbing trees and they are pretty keen as they like a bit of a climb.

Not really any parking and is more designed for those in the immediate area to walk to and it is only a minutes walk from the Beerwah Primary School.

Emma Place Park


Address : Emma Place, Beerwah


  • Non that I could see but it does have same small lakes/dams and a open field.

Kindy Park


Address : 9 Free Street, Beerwah


  • This is just a little park, mainly for the residents close by and of course for kids coming out of the Kindy, which is just next door.

Have I Forgotten Any Parks And Playgrounds?

Do You Have A Different Review Of These Parks?

Please let me know and share with others, that is the best way to get locals and visitors alike excited about all of the wonderful things we have here in the Glass House Mountains area.

I will be adding more parks and playgrounds as soon as you let me know your opinions.

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