Glasshouse Mountains National Park

As one of the most interesting parks close to Brisbane, the Glasshouse Mountains National Park has a lot to offer as a day trip from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Obviously the main objective of any National Park is to provide a protective zone around a significant area. This one also provides many km (miles) of walking tracks, horse riding trails, mountain bike rides, mountain climbing and many other recreational areas.

Glass House Mountains

Mount Beerwah

Glasshouse Mountains

Mount Coonowrin

Glass House Mountain

Mount Tibrogargan

These three are the most easily visible and are all protected within the Glasshouse Mountains National Park

Named by Captain James Cook in 1770, the Glass House Mountains are all that remains of a series of volcanoes from about 25 million years ago.

The peaks of rhyolite and trachyte volcanic plugs are easily visible from many vantage points from Brisbane, Moreton Bay, The Sunshine Coast, The Blackall Range / Maleny and many other towns and locations throughout the area.

The main Glass House Mountains are:

Mount Beerwah, 556 metres (1824 feet)

Mount Coonowrin, 377 metres (1236 feet)

Mount Tibrogargan, 364 metres (1194 feet)

Glass House Mountains Walks

Glasshouse Mountains Walks

Glass House Mountains Drives

Glasshouse Mountains drives

Glass House Mountains Lookout

Glasshouse Mountains Lookout

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