Mountain Bike Downhill

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do some mountain bike downhill riding, well I have and I wish I had have found this sport when I was young and silly, because no way can I do what these crazy fools do.

But boy is it fun to watch.

Check Out This Mountain Bike Downhill Video - Mad

I want a MTB track like this at my place !!!!! WOW

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OK it might not be strictly downhill, more dirt jumping, but you've got to

admit it looks cool even if a bit slow compared to "real" downhill.

Glass House Mountains

Queensland's Best Known Downhill Mountain Bike Location ?

Really ? no not yet but .....


if I can encourage enough locals to get behind this we could turn this dream into a reality.

We have one mountain bike downhill track in the Glass House Mountains area, "Hennessy Hill" out on the Beerburrum to Woodford Road.

Are there any other Glass House Mountains locals that would love to see us become Queensland's best known downhill mountain bike location.

We already have so much going for us :

  • Our location, about an hour from Brisbane and less than half that from the Sunshine Coast beaches and wide range of accomodation.

  • Our climate, beautiful one day, perfect the next.

  • Our laid back lifestyle, perfect for the downhill MTB crowd

  • Most important, hills and a lot of them. No I don't mean riding your mountain bike down Mount Beerwah, although .....

Nice fast (freeride) downhill in New Zealand, we could do it here

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Could Be Cross Country Mountain Biking As Well

We wouldn't have to limit ourselves to downhill only, what better way to involve more people than to have different options for different riders.

Some MTB riders never want to do anything but singletrack, while some prefer fire trails or open four wheel drive tracks.

But I have found that many riders want to have a play with different terrain and mix things up.

Read here about a local Glass House Mountains social mountain bike ride which included dirt roads, single tracks, fire trails, forestry tracks and a downhill race track all on the one ride. It is unofficially dubbed the "Tour de Glasshouse"

Hennessey Hill Race Day Video

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Another Hennessey Hill Video

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