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Well if you are reading this page about stuff I like, you are either really desperate for something to read (I can recommend some great reading if you like).

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Birgit (or B for short) is a Kununurra local, although she was born in Germany.

I have been a fan of this website for a lot of years, it has all you need to know about travelling in and around the Kimberley from a local's perspective.

B has done a lot of touring throughout Australia and especially the Australian Outback, which she covers in her website.

She also has some other sites: (I think she is obsessed too)

Birgit is also my inspiration for building this website.

If you are thinking about travelling in Western Australia, you should check out this site.

This is another example of someone genuine, who puts so much work into making an interesting and great looking website for you to enjoy.

I Like Websites About Other Interesting Stuff

This website by Jacki in Canada,it is all about succulent plants, and you can see and hear her passion in all of the pages.

I think her site is visually one the most exciting and she has put a lot of work into making this unique and very informative site about plants that can handle a drought.

This site from Shannon is a fantastic resource for not only teachers but for anyone interested in the very best ways to make learning interesting.

My family uses this site to find some of our resources for home schooling ideas and general ideas of how kids learn in different ways.

Shannon has been teaching for over 20 years and you can see her passion in the way she brings you so much info about teaching.

I you know of a Great website about, well, anything interesting please send me your info at my Visitors Book.

I would love to have a look and I could link to your site to provide more, quality information to my visitors if it is suitable.

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