The Glass House Mountains Towns

The Glass House Mountains towns are mostly located along the rail line with each one having a train station.

None of them are big with Beerwah being the busiest, with about 2000 people, with another few thousand in the surrounding area.

But Beerwah and all the other towns are growing and I guess in another 20 years they will be much different to the places we see today.

One of the great things about our towns is they have retained their individual character and I hope that never changes.

The towns in this guide are: (click to link to each towns own page)


You will find Beerwah just off of Steve Irwin Way (Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive) about 4km south of Australia Zoo.

Coming from Brisbane, Beerwah is on your left.

It is the business hub for the Glass House Mountains area.

You can pass through Beerwah when travelling west from the Sunshine Coast to Peachester, Woodford, Kilcoy, Toowoomba or Kingaroy

Beerwah is about 75km north of Brisbane

Beerwah Pub


You will find Landsborough just off Steve Irwin Way (Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive) about 6km North of Beerwah.

It is the second busiest of the towns in the local area after Beerwah.

You pass through Landsborough on your way to Maleny and the Blackall Range.

Landsborough is about 80km north of Brisbane.

Landsborough Pub
Landsborough Museu


You will find Mooloolah about 7km off Steve Irwin Way (Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive) on the Mooloolah Connection Road and about 13km from Landsborough.

Mooloolah is a very nice quiet place, it must be great for raising horses as there are lots of them there.

It is the most Northerly town in the Glass House Mountains area.

Mooloolah is about 94km north of Brisbane.

Glass House Mountains

You will find Glass House Mountains township just off Steve Irwin Way (Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive)

If you are coming from Brisbane it is on your left.

Glass House Mountains township is about 70km north of Brisbane.

Shops At Glass House Mountains
Glass House Maintains Shop


You will find Beerburrum a few hundred metres off Steve Irwin Way (Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive)

You pass through Beerburrum if using the back way (Beerburrum Road) from the Glass House Mountains area to Caboolture.

It is the most southerly town in the Glass House Mountains area.

Beerburrum is about 64km north of Brisbane

Beerburrum Store
Beerburrum Main Street


You will find Peachester almost 10km from Steve Irwin Way (Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive).

The turnoff is at Beerwah.

Peachester is about 84km north of Brisbane.

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