The Glass House Mountains

Obviously the Glass House Mountains are the main feature and attraction of this area for both visitors and locals.

They are a series of 14 (although some would say both Round Mountain and Mount Mellum are not included in the Glass House Mountains) trachyte and rhyolite volcanic plugs which stick up out of the surrounding flat plain.

They range in height from 123m to 556m, so you couldn't call any of them huge but they definitely stand out with some of them pretty impressive up close, especially Tibrogargan, Beerwah and Coonowrin.

The Glass House Mountains were named by Lieutenant James Cook (later to become Captain James Cook) in 1770 as they reminded him of glass factory furnace stacks or Glasshouses back in Yorkshire, England (see picture on right of an English glasshouse.

At only about 70km from the Brisbane CBD this area is an obvious day trip or weekend away for Brisbanites.

One fantastic way to see this area is by taking your bike on the train to one or the five towns, Beerburrum, Glass House Mountains, Beerwah, Landsborough or Mooloolah and riding some of the great bike tracks which connect the mountains.

Of course a drive in the car lets you cover much more ground and gives you the freedom to explore the surrounding areas or head to the beach for a swim after your tiring walk in the Glass House Mountains.

Glass Furnace or Glasshouse, Yorkshire, England

A Glasshouse in England

Australian Glasshouse

A Glasshouse in Australia

Mount Tibrogargan is usually the first you see as it is very close to Steve Irwin Way

Standing some 364 metres tall it is the third tallest.

Two tracks let you see this mountain close up the Trachyte Circuit 6km 3-4hrs and the Tibrogargan Circuit 3.3km 1.5hrs as well as the Summit Climb

Rock climbing and abseiling are also available with a challenging and potentially dangerous rock face, for experienced climbers only with their own suitable equipment.

Mount Tibrogargin
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Mount Coonowrin (crookneck) is the second highest and the most dramatic.

At 377m tall is is quite a sight driving along Old Gympie Road.

Unfortunately Mount Coonowrin is Closed for Climbing, with fines imposed to those who ignore the warnings.

You can get some great views of this mountain from Old Gympie Road and Mount Beerwah Roads, even better from on Mount Ngungun.

Mount Coonowrin

Mount Beerwah is the tallest but it's hard to tell until you get a bit closer.

At 556 metres tall it is very impressive up close.

You get to Mt. Beerwah from Mount Beerwah Road which is about 5.2km off Old Gympie Road, Glass House Mountains.

Unfortunately the summit is Closed for Climbing, but another easy walk is open, the western boundary walk.

Mount Beerwah
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Mount Beerburrum at 280 metres and covered in trees isn't much of a mountain but it does have a fairly easy but steep walk to some nice views.

The Mount Beerburrum Track is 1.4km return and should take about 1hr.

One of the best things is it is just outside Beerburrum Township so you could catch the train for this climb.

You get good views of Mount Beerburrum from Steve Irwin Road and Beerburrum Road

Mt Beerburrum

Mount Elimbah

Is also known as The Saddleback.

At 129m tall it is the second smallest.

Located just off Old Gympie Road, Elimbah, which is the back way between Beerburrum and Caboolture.

Also from Smiths Road or Twin Views Road, Elimbah.

As far as I know there are no formed or signed tracks on Elimbah but bush walkers do climb this small hill which they say is easy with great views of the other mountains.

Mt Elimbah From Kings Road
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Mount Ngungun

(na gun gun or nuga nuga, it is said both ways)

You can get to Ngungun from Fullertons Road, Glass House Mountains.

At 253m tall it is one of the best walks (about 2hrs) for people wanting a good, reasonable walk with great views.

Rock climbing and abseiling are also available with a moderately challenging rock face, for experienced climbers only with their own suitable equipment.

Mt Ngungun Cliffs
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Mount Tibberoowuccum

This is the short (220m) flatish one to the west of Tibrogargan.

Mount Tibberoowuccum

Mount Tibberoowuccum is the flatish one in front of Mount Tibrogargan in this photo

Mount Tunbubudla (The Twins)

The twins are 2 hills to the west of Beerburrum.

At 312m and 293m they are among the mid size of the Glass House Mountains.

As far as I know there are no formed or signed tracks but like all the mountains people do climb them.

Mt Tunbubulda (The Twins
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Wild Horse Mountain

Is by far the easiest to get to and the easiest to climb to the top.

Wild Horse is just off the Bruce highway, about 67km or about 1hr from Brisbane.

It is only 123m tall and busses used to drive up the track, you can even take a pram.

Wild Horse Mountain From Highway

Mount Miketeebumulgrai

It is one of the smallest mountains at 199m tall.

You can get to it from King Road, Elimbah but there are no formed or signposted tracks that I know of.

Recomended for experienced bush walkers and be careful not to tresspass onto privately owned property.

Mt Miketeebumulgrai
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Mount Cooee is the small one you can see on the right of Tibrogargan from Steve Irwin Way.

As far as I know there are no signed tracks on or around Cooee.

Height ???? Not sure yet.

Mt Cooee with Tibrogargan behind

Coochin Twins

At 235m tall (the tallest) you will best see The Coochin twins just out of Beerwah heading towards Peachester on Peachester Road.

As far as I know there are no signed tracks on Coochin.

Mount Coochin or Coochin Hills

Mount Mellum

Although it is not generally considered one of "the" Glass House Mountains it doesn't feel right to leave it out.

At 406metres tall, I like to think of it as the link between the Glass House Mountains and the Blackall Range.

You will find good views and some nice quiet country drives through Mount Mellum.

Mount Mellum

Round Mountain

Is very small at only 97metres.

It is also the furthest south

Round Mountain

Anything to add about the mountains?

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