Tour de Glasshouse

Welcome To The "Tour de Glasshouse" Social Mountain Bike Ride

Saturday 23rd March

It was before 7am on a normal Saturday morning at Matthew Flinders Park. One by one cars, utes and vans began arriving at the park, all with mountain bikes attached or stowed away.

Matthew Flinders Park Picnic Shelter

By 7.20am almost all were there, almost filling the car park, some were riding their their bikes around, some were having a chat, some were having a last minute (nervous) visit to the toilet block while others looked like excited children on Christmas eve.

Matthew Flinders Park - Full Of MTB Transport Vehicles

As 7.30am arrived the pre-ride briefing started, chaired by the organiser, Neil Ennis. I have to admit I couldn't quite hear what was discussed from my vantage point but I assume Neil was letting everyone know the basic details of the ride, to have fun and to reassure them that this was a social ride and no one would be left behind.

Tour de Glasshouse - And They're Off
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Then they left on mass, down the dirt track, under the rail bridge and headed towards their first rest stop, the Glass House Mountains Lookout. Here they took the time for people to catch up and to have a rest .

Glass House Mountains Lookout
Glass House Mountains Lookout View

Some Of The Tracks Were Slightly Damp

We have had a lot of rain at the Glass House Mountains over the last few months, hard to tell hey?

Photo: Neil Ennis

Tour de Glasshouse Wet Feet - Photo: Neil Ennis,

The Tour de Glasshouse riders getting their feet wet

And Some Of The Hills Are Steep

Some of the down-hills were a bit steep, but everyone made it through

Photo: Neil Ennis

Steep Downhill - Tour de Glasshouse

Tour de Glasshouse Goes All Down Hill Racer

From there they headed off along a series of different tracks which brought them to Hennessy Hill bike track for a quick lesson in down-hill mountain bike racing.

Hennessy Hill
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After Hennessy they continued on towards Woodford where they stopped to rest and refuel for the return trip. Only 2 or the 41 riders decided to finish their ride at Woodford with the remaining 39 heading back on different tracks.

Woodford Main Street
Woodford R and R - photo by Neil Ennis,

Passing by Mount Beerwah at the area where the Western Boundary Walk starts they made their way back to Matthew Flinders Park and home.

Mount Beerwah, Start Of The Western Boundry Walk
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Mt Beerwah, this is the start of the Western Boundary Walk

For the full story plus some fantastic photos (and a crash video) go to Neils blog.

You can also get the route map including GPS coordinates if you are interested in trying some or all of this ride yourself.

Neil assures me the ride will be on again next year at a drier time of the year and I for one am making sure I am fit enough so I have no excuse to chicken out of that one.

Youtube video by Dirk van Kampen of the ride

Well Done Neil Ennis and Friends

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